I am a doctor of physical therapy and a kinesiologist who specializes in helping my clientele obtain the perfect posture to keep them feeling great, and looking like a star, to make them look as if they are walking their own red carpet.

Why is posture so important?  Because it is a statement of who you are, and it is important to have good posture to express to others and yourself that you are confident and to be respected.

How you present yourself when you walk into a room for the first time can be significantly dependent on the posture that your body displays as you enter, stand and sit in the room. This can make a lasting impression on fellow business associates, employers, and even a possible mate. I am sure that you have heard that first impressions mean everything. Poor posture can make a person appear less confident.


Whether you are a celebrity or not, your posture is a statement of who you are. So whether you are venturing out in front of a sea of admirers or going about your daily activities you really can feel and look like you’re on the red carpet!

My book will help you obtain better posture through helpful advice and exercises to make you look and feel great.  You will have to provide your own red carpet!

Dr. Paul Drew

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